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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

March 15 – black Athletes • When a black player slips up, how do they get back to good grace? • The article says that this rarely happens • It starts by comparing Michael vick and Kobe Bryant • Vick had to apologize and didn't get redeemed, while Bryant got redeemed Dominant White Racial Frame • Article talks about a dominant white racial frame discourse, which is a predominate way of knowing • The master narrative includes hard work (meritocracy), the American dream (rags to riches), equal justice under the law, and colourblindness (211) • Through this narrative, we make sense of society • Example, in the biological argument on sex, it is a dominant discourse. To get out of this type of thinking, its difficult • Its about hard work (meritocracy) and speaks about the American dream (rags to riches) • Hard work can raise you up from your early poor struggles (ex. Rocky movies) • There is an idea of equal justice. The only thing that matters is if you are doing something legal or not • Article taks about colour blindness saying that race doesn’t matter • Through this narrative we view sport figures When Whites Fail • Josh Hamilton and Roesthlisberger both did crimes. ESPN issued a do not report statement on the Roethlisberger case. ESPN didn't report on the case until he was proved innocent. Big Ben • Ben was told to grow up and mature, however, not much more was done • He had at least 2 complaints of sexual assault laid on him • After the first one, ESPN issued a don't report memo to black it out from media coverage • Big ben was considered innocent until proven innocent • NFL said it would review the facts before it made a decision on bens future • However, this isn’t true for black athletes. White Vs. Black Athletes • Pacman jones was suspended by the NFL for a year immediately. A black player got immediate action taken, while ben didn't get punished until after getting the facts reviewed • Goodell wanted to send a message that irresponsible • If goodell doesn’t schedule a meeting with big ben immediately, it feeds the perception that white NFL stars under criminal investigation are treated differently and will receive more benefit of the doubt than their black counterparts • Some say If you are a superstar athlete, you may get a pass when it comes to crime • White athletes do get a pass, while black athletes don't • Only whites get a free pass in sport when they slip up. • The article says that not every single black athlete is treated the same way Redeemable Blacks • There are some who according to the dominant white racial frame who get treated well. • There are some blacks that whites think are pretty. They are known as redeemable blacks • Examples include Halle Berry and Beyonce • They are honorable whites because they don't exemplify certain
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