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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

March 18 – race Relations in Hockey Colonialism and Imperialism • Colonialism: a process whereby the metropole establishes unequal social, economic, and cultural relations with another territory now called a colony • It involves large movement of people and resources from the metropole to the colony for the purposes of governing and extracting resources/wealth Imperialism • Very closely connected to colonialism • Colonialism is the process, imperialism is the ideology • View of the world that legitimates colonial expansion • Connected to the ever expanding nature of capitalism European Colonialism • Beginning in the early 1500’s, European countries sought to create and then expand their empires • Colonia projects were undertaken in various African countries india, Australia, south America, and north America • The result was a comingling of many different cultures and ethnicities, the establishment of British forms of government across the globe, and a huge shift of wealth and resources from the periphery to the center (London/Britain) Postcolonialism • Colonial expansion lasted until well into the 1900s, even as some countries were gaining independence • Postcolonialism refers to the process and state of gaining independence from the colonizer • Untangling the effects of colonial rule aren’t easy and some effects cannot be undone • The legacy of colonialism exists in Canada and the scars of that unequal power relations continue to influence relationships between first nation groups and the power structures in Canada (ex. The govt) • Yes we are more multicultural but we still have the same
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