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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

March 22 – Violence and Race in Sport • We want to keep straight men in line and have boundaries for heterosexuals • If you step out of the norm, you will be ridiculed and harassed • Wrestlers do this • The point isn’t if they are gay or not. The point is that they are stepping out of their boundaries • Soccer pics are used to frame them as gay (ex. A guys head in a crotch) • Usually Americans contrast soccer and football and say its gay because theres no contact • A team can only hug after a game in certain circumstances • A guy can kiss another guy and they wont be seen as gay • Being effeminate is being seen as gay • Throughout the 1900s, gayness was starting to emerge and fear campaigns were started. This became an epidemic and linked effeminacy with homoness • You can be strong and physically aggressive but if you put your head where it doesn’t belong, you could be labelled as gay • Now, behaviour is seen as an indication of sexuality. This wasn’t true in the past • Ex. In the past, you could sleep with the same sex and wouldn’t be seen as gay. Rather it was seen as cheating if you were married • We live in a touch phobic society Race in Contemporary Sport • Discussion of race seem taboo • Whites turn to nostalgia to discuss race • White fans and journalists needed an idiom to express their admiration for Ward and gatti that avoided discussion of race, so many turned to nostalgia (425) • By turning to nostalgia, fans and commentators could discuss race without mentioning it • Gatti had a sense of nationalism as he was a Canadian • Nostalgia gets used to discuss race. They could talk about race without actually mentioning it • Gatti was the Italian, ward was the irish. When you say irish, you are probably talking about a white guy. When you talk about Italian, you are talking about a white guy as well. • This is how race gets used without necessarily being overtly said • We see veiled racism in this. This is coming out in a coated language that is sanitized • Its is acceptable for us to talk about race like this • Text is what we see and can be pictures. Its a cultural product that we can make sense of somehow • In this case, the message in the video of round 9 is a text • On the surface, we are talkin about 2 goood fighters and phenomenal fight • There is a subtext, which is underneat the surface level text • They compared this fight to other sorts of boxing legends • All of the boxers they compared the gatti ward fight to were white • All of the subtext compared these guys to white boxing guys Race and Masculinity • We cant talk about combat sport without taling about masculinity • Some people have suggested theres a crisis of masculinity in boxing today • Its more than showing manly qualitites • There are feelings of confusion or inadequacy in men • Fears of softening of men from sedentary suburban lifestyle • Encroachment by numerous groups/movements • In sports, theres a racial anxiety due to whites not being as dominant as they used to be • We have also lost some role models. Our modern role models are the hangover guys • 2 decadres ago, we had different role models • If you don't like what someone is doing to you, do we politely ask for justice or do we go all
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