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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
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Sean Ryan

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March 1 – The Upshot of it all The Upshot of it all • Advantage thesis, which is based on the 2 sex dichotomy, seems to privilege assumptions of fair play over the impact of discrimination How many sexes are there? • 5? • Herms ( one testi and one ovary) • Merms (testes, no ovaries but other female genetalia) • Ferms (ovaries, no testes but other male genetalia) • But even these categories cloud the level of variation among intersexed individuals • Can we have fair play without discrimination? Sport and Masculinity Sport and Context • How does sport function • What does sport produce and what produce sport? There several institutions that produce sport. • To answer these more fully, we need to know the context • Sport develops context and develops within context • Context can be history, culture, society, politics, etc • This reading explores these links throughout the 1900s Capitalism and Sport • Corporate capitalism and masculinity become twinned, mutually supporting pillars of the sport-media complex (104) • Problem: people didn't want to buy enough stuff • Solution: link stuff to (maculinised) sport and sell it there • Promote: anxiety, desire, fantasy, and/or fear. We have to constantly desire new product • Change the psychology of the nation instead of increase wages Sport, State, Media • The article talks about this triad: sport, newspaper (later media of all sorts), and the state • Together they brought sport into millions of peoples lives, instituted it into the public education system, made the lingo common, and built infrastructure necessary for it to flourish • The state also intervened to change laws protected sport franchises from anti-trust suits • Effectively ensuring that sport was organized not for players or spectators benefit, but for the owners (who were the elite class – and white) Sport and Class • Many early athletes represented the working class, which set the stage for class confrontations in the sport realm
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