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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

Feb 25 – gender Verification • Ewa Klobukowska had one too many chromosomes to be a woman • We think sex should be a certain way. This is social and people get sex tested because it is social The Shifting Location of Women 1.) On the body (1966 – 1968) • External genitalia • Naked parades 2.) In chromosomes (1968 – 1992) • Naked parades were demeaning and not accurate enough • You were either one or the other (ex. Binary logic): XX = female; XY = male 3.) In genetic code (1992 – 1999) • Focused on one particular region of the Y chromosome • Asked women to prove that they weren’t male instead of prove they were female 4.) Back to the body – suspicion based testing (2000 – 2011) 5.) Hormone levels, specifically testosterone (2011 on) – shifts the emphasis from whether you are a woman to whether hormone levels cause an unfair advantage Women, men, trannys • Why all the testing ? this is due to fair play mentalities • Fair play and advantage thesis motivates testing • Thats why males aren’t tested • In mainstream sport environments, being a male is an advantage • Trannys bring the problem of only have 2 categories (male and female) • We only look at MTF not FTM (consistent with the advantage thesis)
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