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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

SMC TV rights .. Sports Influence On Broadcasting • The current changes in sports broadcasting are about to alter the very structure of broadcasting media, as well as its traditional social position (106) • Often sports broadcasting is used for promotional appeals • Contradicts professional standards in journalism (ex. Objectivity and balance) Symbiosis between sport and media • Football developed in parallel with mass media in England in the second half of the 1800s Why? • Technology (ex. Endless paper rolls) • Also symbiosis: sport fed off mass meda and vice versa • And both were situated within larger sociological patterns: capitalism, industrialism, commodification, mass consumption, nationalism, etc. Corporate Influence on Sport Broadcasting • Commercials are now inserted into games not just when action slows • Commercials come to dictate the pace of the action in games • If broadcasters think a commercial is necessary, they will work to insert one Broadcasters have many requirements related to commodification • Where interviews will happen • How they must speak about leagues and cups • How many infomericals they must produce and air • How many special interest shows they must air Corporate Influence on Sp
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