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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

Jan 21 – Sociological Imagination • For presentations, explain key terms from the readings and lectures (ex. Sociological imagination and hegemony) • We need to show implications of actions and what is not being shown In the clip, what should be in the clip, and why it should be shown • First, describe what your focusing on. • Use the article to get your definition for the key terms TBL • Language shifts: obesity becomes a disease and an epidemic. • An epidemic would be something like chicken pox. Its contagious • This is the medicalization of social phenomenon so prevalent today. We are taking something that is a robust (lot of components and multi faceted) and medicalizing it. When you medicalize things, you get funding and money. • There’s nothing wrong with medicalizing, but its not the whole story. We get lots of money for cancer because we medicalize it. • When we see everything or everything about one particular thing though medical discourse, we are myopic. If we all tried to fix our health by ourselves, it would be an individual approach. Sociological Imagination • If we are unable to focus on the social side of obesity, we can expect to see the incidence of obesity rise, even as more individuals take action to manage their weight • We need to decide if the social issues are more important than the individual issues in obesity • We need to acknowledge there are social issues in obesity • If we only focus on the individual choices and don't focus on social issues regarding obesity, we wont be able to solve it entirely • People who are obese aren’t victims; they are products of our system. Ex. Mcdonald
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