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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

Jan 14 – PERLS 104 Review • Complicit: means association with a wrongful act. Ex. Spiderman was complicit in the murder of Uncle Ben. He didn’t make it happen, but he didn’t stop the robber who killed his uncle. We are all complicit in all sorts of things that happen in our lives. • Binary Logic: things that are opposite each other. Often times, there is a good part of the binary. Ex. Bad or good, we all want to be in the good side. • Intention: part of individualism, neoliberalism. Intention says that if you have the will and drive, you can do whatever you want. We need to realize harm can be done, even without intending harm. • Gender/ Sex/ Sexuality: gender is a social construct. The behavioural expectation of a certain person. Gender expectations are based on stereotypes. Sex is a physiological and biological attribute of a person. Sex is heavily social. Sexuality is who you are attracted to and what kind of partner you want. • Race/Racism: race is a social category, not a biological category. We overbiologize things. Racism leads to stereotypical ideas. • Hegemonic Masculinity: hegemonic means that most people support an idea but only works for a small group of people. Hegemonic Masculinity is when a woman in the work force has to play like a guy in order to be successful. • Crisis of Masculinity: Leads from the idea of Hegemo
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