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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

Jan 25 – Mind Body Dualism Physical Education • The foundation of physical education is human movement • Faculty slogan: “Where the art and science of human movement come alive” • This emphasis on movement only makes sense within a dualistic framework • It your body that moves • It’s the body that is what phys ed focuses on • Changing this allows us to focus also on the human who is moving Implications of the Mind/Body Dualism • We justify physical activity for what it can do for the mind • We don't justify phys ed for its mind benefits as much anymore • We are extremely concerned with body image, hence why we do physical activity • In society, there has been a shift towards us looking at the physical benefits of physical activity • The article talks about privileging certain forms of knowledge over others • Ex. Objective over the subjective or data over opinions • The article says there are preferences for positivist inquiry. • The article also provides an incomplete understanding of the movement experience History of Dualism • Plato’s dividing line – the top part of the line (one, identity, permanent, divine, soul, reason, truth, knowledge) were attributes of god • The bottom part of the line (many, difference, changing, human, body, senses, appearance, opinion) were human attributes • Plato’s diving line shows us that we have binary logic. • This logic makes each pole into the opposite of teach other • Ex. Up is the opposite of down and vice versa • We even make into binaries things that don't wory (ex. Dog and cat) • Coupled with this logic is a hierarchy • So we have not only opposition but also position (superiority and inferiority) • Finally, there is a logic of privileging • If something is better, superior, then we are justified in emphasizing it, or focusing on it, or giving it an advantage Dichotomies • Mental – physical • Reason – emotion • Mind – body The left side is seen as better Binaries • But there is a close relationship between any 2 terms in a binary • You cant actually answer some questions because parts are only parts in relation to wholes Mind – Body Connections • How does mental activity cause bodily reaction or vice versa? The biological explanation only goes so far. It doesn’
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