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Judy Liao

Jan 16 – Basics Badminton Shots and Footwork Key Movements in Badminton Strokes Critical elements that you should pay attention to during practices Movements 1.) Backswing – stretch muscles to generate more power for forward swing 2.) Rotation – internal and external, extension and contraction of muscles, assist weight and forces transfers into the shots 3.) bending and straightening – keep the joints relaxed and unlocked 4.) Coordination – coordinate joint motions starting from big muscles and finishing with small muscle. Leg-torso-shoulder-arm-wrist chain movement Working on Basics 1.) Throwing and Catching a.) Purpose: • learn how to coordinate body movements in swing motions • develop (eye-hand) coordination to intercept a flying object b.) Critical Elements: o Throwing: backswing, rotation, bending and straightening, and coordination o Catching: extension: body and arm (where to catch). We want the players to extend to hit the birdie. Its easier to hit the birdie further away from our body. c.) Progression/Modification: • Different levels of forces/speed • Different ways of throwing and catching 2.) Hitting with the hand a.) Purpose: develop (eye-hand) coordination to intercept a flying object. Also to develop a striking motion b.) Critical Element: o Ready: backswing – when they see the birdie coming, the player should be in the ready position before the birdie is coming to them. And rotation o Hit: rotation, bending and straightening, coordination c.) Progression/ Modification: • Target area • Approaching toward the object 3.) Working with a racquet a.) Purpose: develop coordination with using of an object/ racquet b.) Critical elements: grips c.) Progression: start from using a racquet to interact with a static object; progress to catching, sending, hitting, receiving Badminton Grips General Ideas: • Relaxed • Focus on fingers , not palm Key Points: • V grip – the basic grip. The V in your palm is the anchor for holding the racquet • Long/ Short – Variations: • Adjust for different shots (hence its instrumental to have a loose grip) • A.) thumb grip: • B.) corner grip: • C.) Panhandle grip: Badminton as an Open Skill • Open skills: • Athletes should be able to: Teaching Strokes Components of Swings: preparation/ Body position, backswing (will give you force in your shot – we really want to focus on this), forward swing, follow through Basic Shots in Badminton
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