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Judy Liao

Jan 23 – Laws of Badminton By BWF Badminton Court • Remember the names of lines for midterm Badminton Racquet • Head is the whole frame around the string area • Shaft is the middle narrow part Badminton Shuttle • Cork – is the base and head part • Feature/ skirt – is the broad part Badminton Match • Match: the contest between 2 opposing teams. It contains best of 3 games • Game: a game is one 21 rally point contest • Service: the start of each rally point. It starts when the first forward motion of servers racquet is made; and ends when servers racquet makes contact with the shuttle • In-play: after the service is delivered and til the cease of play • Interval: when a discontinuity of the game can be allowed (1 11 point of the game and between games) Scoring System Best of Three Games Teams should change ends: 1.) At the end of a game (1 and 2 nd if necessary) 2.) The first 11 points reached at the 3 setd 21 Rally Points st 1.) 21: the first team that scores the 21 point wins the game; but they have to win by 2 (deuce happens if score is 20-20), except when the score is 30-29 it will be sudden death 2.) Rally Points: as soon as the shuttles ceases in play, someone must score (with the exception of a let call). Don't need to be the server to score Order of Service in Singles • The team who wins a rally will serve for the next point. Except at the beginning of each match (1 set). Who should serve to start 2 ndand 3 sets? • The service courts will be decided upon server’s score. For example, at 3-6 the service will be made from the left/odd side of the court. Ex. If server score is even, serve on the right side. If the servers score is odd, serve on the left side. At 6-3, the server should serve from the right side. Ex. On exam: team 2 is serving at a score of 12-11, • At 6-3 where would the serve be made? By looking at the side, we can see where the serve would be made Order of Service in Doubles Who Serves: • The team who wins a rally will serve for the next point, with the exception of the first point of the match (no second serve) • The service courts will be decided upon serving teams score • The order of service/receive of the team is decided at the beginning of each set. (ex. Either player on the team can be the first server/receiver) • The 2 players on the same team only change sides when the team wins a point on their service • The player who serves for the point won should keep serving Stoppage of the Game a shuttle ceases in play when: 1.) After touching the net, it starts to fall toward strikers side of the court (ex. No chance of going over the net 2.) It hits the surface of the court (lands in the court) 3.) A fault of let is called. Fault: reward a point to the other side. Let: halt the rally and re-serve. Service Faults Any violations of the following rules will result in service faults Body Position: • Both the server and receiver should stay within the designated serving/ receiving courts • Neither the servers and receivers feet are allowed to touch the boundaries line of the legal area • Some part of both the servers and the receivers feet should stay in contact with ground and keep stationary
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