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Physical Activity
Judy Liao

Feb 8 – Singles Games and Drills Overview • Introduction to badminton singles • Drill design for singles games • Basics singles strategies Basics of Singles Game Main goal: • Effectively utilize court space to force mistakes • Characteristics of the play (in comparison to double) • Long rallies; slower pace • A greater variety of shots; move opponents around more • Less aggressive: the use of smashes/kills is significantly less frequent; fast drops, instead of smashes • Use drives to set the opponents off balance – aim at sidelines • In doubles we also attack to the body Critical abilities: • Consistency • Placement • Footwork – be able to move quickly • Endurance – long game, so you need to have endurance • Court awareness – know where your opponent is Types of Drills Purpose: • Establish efficient footwork and endurance • Develop shots consistency • Introduce tactic concerns and court awareness in shot placements Format: • Single shots • Multi shots • Game simulation Introduce idea of court awareness Structure: • Single feeder • Multi feeder • Rally Footwork • The goal is to enhance mobility on the court • These kind of drills should: include fitness demands and include shots • Combine footwork and shot Modification: • Add requirements for shot placement • Randomize the order of shots Example • Netliftdropnetliftcleardropnet • Start with half court, then use the full court and add cross court shots 4/6 to 1: modified the drill by allowing attacking shots Shot Consistency • The goal is to develop control and muscle memories for swings This kind of drill should be: • Isolated: involve one or two shots and • Repetitive: constantly repeat the same motion Modification: • Add fitness requirement • Increase movements (footwork) Example: Net shot: straight court, cross court. Modification 1.) Add movement (ex. After net shot, the hitter needs to go to the backcourt for a shadow swing 2.) Net games. Start a game of net shot. After each shot, player must retreat behind short serve line. Level 1. Without kill shots 2.) allows net kills 5 minute clear • Start with both players at backcourt, but demands for shot quality, must make past mid court/height • Modification: one player makes crosscourt, and the other straight Court Awareness • The goal is to learn to comprehend the court space and tactical shot choices 5 questions to ask about tactical consideration/shot selection:
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