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Judy Liao

March 14 – Badminton Practice Planning Practice • You should keep in mind the content of the practice as well as the goals of the practice Goals Contexts • Overall objectives • Periodization • Resources Remember to practice specifics Content Design with 2 main components Warm up and cool down (have progression) Leading Practice has 3 phases Administration, execution and self reflection Administration • Manage the time, space and people • Manage time effectively (plan ahead, but also be flexible to adjust) • Ensure proper set-up of the venue • Have the courts ready before practice • Make sure the nets are properly set up • Check safety hazard • Encourage safe behaviours • Court etiquettes • Competition/cooperation • Levels of intensity Execution Instruction • Project a clear voice • Provide an appropriate amount of info • Operational details: what to do • Technical focus: how to do • Desirable outcomes: internal/external references • Invite questions Demonstration • Show correct techniques • Utilize students • Demonstrate from different angles • Use the whole part whole principle Whole part whole Show the full movement sequence Break down into necessary small parts 1.) Grips 2.) Movement principle: backswing, rotation, bending and straightening and coordination 3.) Movement cycle: start, approach, hit and recover Repeat the full motion Error Detection • Observe from different angles • Assess performance (outcomes) • Evaluate quality of movements (technical components) 1.) Grips 2.) Movement principle: backswing, rotation, bending and straightening, and coordination 3.) Movement cycle: start, approach, hit, and recover Error Correction
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