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Physical Activity
Joel Edwards

Coaching Basketball Sept 20 th • Its key to remind the 12 man to always maintain focus and be ready to go • Try to stay consistent with timing with athletes Coaching Philosophy Qualities of a great coach • Technical knowledge • People skills (communication/relationship building) • Getting to know athletes on a personal level • How to motivate athletes • Improve all athletes, not just stars • Expectation of effort and prep • Consequences apply to all athletes • The higher the socioeconomic status, the more involved the parents will be in the sport • Have goals for the team and for the individual • Work ethic matters • Player development • Know the difference between being respected and being liked • Take pride in little win • Winning isn’t everything • Respect • Coach development • Teaching the athletes nutrition and life skills • Work hard, play hard • Know when its fun time and when its business time • Player and coach trust Teaching Effective teaching has 3 distinct phases: • Presentation • Application • Feedback
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