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Physical Education and Sport
Darren De Lorey

- O f°€½f¾¯f°° ¾€¾¾½° °€¯f° O @n¯½¾°€€f¾¾¯f½f¾¯f¯° ¾¯¾€½°°½f¾¯f O ’° °¯fn° °¾ţ n¾¯f°°nf½f ţ¾€f¾n¯½¾ € ° ff° ¾¾ ¾ ¾ O f°f¾½fn°°fn½ ¾n O ×°fn½ ¾nƹ–¯ fnf½f¾¯f°¾nf½¾ O @f¾€f°fnf½f ° ¯ţf¾¯°¯¯f°f¾ff¯°f f° ½ ¯€¯f°¾nf½¾ O f½f ° ¯ƹ–¯ fnf½f¾f€°¾f nf½f¾ O f¾¯¯f°f¾ff¯°f ƹf°¯ffn°f°¾– n½°¾f° nf–°Ŧ ½f¾nf½f ° ¯€¯½f°°–€¯f°¾nf½¾ Ŧ O @f¾ff¯°ff¾fn¾f¾fn ¾¯¾½f¾¯f½°¾€¯€ € O @½ ¯€¯f°¾nf½¾ ¾½°€nf½¾ f½ ¯f¾ ° ¾ fn–¯ fnf½f Ŧ O @½ ¯€¯f°¾nf½¾ n°¾¾¾€¾½nf n¾nf ½ n ¾ O 9 n ¾f°–°¾°¾nf €½n¾¾¾ff½f ° nf½f¾ţf°– °f€f°¾¾ O ¾ ¾f°n¾½f¾¾ –° f½¾f° €f°¾¾ O 0°€€€½f¾¯f–¾€ O -f½f¾¯ff°¾°fn½ ¾n–¾€ °¯f°¾nf½¾ nf ¾€f €½f¾¯ff¾€ ţ f° f¾ –€×¾f° ½°¾f °f€ €–¯ fnf½f¾ O ° Ʒ€½f¾¯f¾€ O f°€fn°ƹ½n½f–€f½f¾¯ff°¾°f¾n½ ¾nf€¾° f° Ŧ 9f¾¯f ¯°°–f€€°fƹƷ Ŧ Ʒ€ ¯€¾ Ŧ ff°Ʒ€€ ¾f¾ Ŧ Ʒ€½f¾¯f°°– ° °¾¾ ¾¯nnn f° Ŧ ¾¾f°Ʒ€ ¯¾n °f ¯ O f°nn ¾ ½¾¾ €€°n¾°–¯ fnf½f¾f° ¯f°¾ nf½¾ O ½¾¾ ¾f¯½f°ť O Ŧ ¾fn½¾¾ € °nf½f¾ O Ŧ n ¾¯n½¾¾ O Ŧ € ½¾¾ nf € °¯f°¾nf½¾ O ½Ŷ½Ŷ9€ ƹ°€f°½¾¾ O ¾€n¾½ ¯°× O ½f f°° n°€€n¾ O ×f¾½°ť½n¾¾€¯°–¾ ¾¾f°n¾°n °–€ °€f€¯ ¯° € fn° €°– –½ fnf½f¾ O ×f¾½°nn ¾ fnf°¾½½f¾¾f°¾½ O ,¾f¾½°nn ¾°½¯f O ‰°f°f¯nfnf°€¾½n¾¾¾ ×f¾½° O Ŧ -f¾f¾ fnf°¾½ O @¾nf ¾¾fnf°–°nnf–f ° O Ŧ nn¯nf–f ° ¾f°°f¾½° O Ŧ f¯¾ ¾¯¾¾ţ€°–¾ f¾½° O Ŧ n°n°f°¾€¾ ¾°nf¾f¾€ ¯° ¯° nf¾¾Ŧ9¯f ¾ ¾ff¾ €€ ¾° nf°¾½f¾½°€-f O Ŧ -f°¾n –¯¯f°½°¾ţ¯°– °¾nn¯nf–f ° O Ŧ -f¾½ ¯½ f¾ff¾ €n -fŴ‰Ŵ@9f¾ °¯ €¯°–¾ ¯¾¾n° f fnf°¾½¾ ¯½ Ŵn°¾ ¯nf°¾¯ O Ŧ -f¯°– °¾nn¯nf–f ° ¾°–@½°½ ¾– n¾° nf–f°¾¾n°n°f°–f ° O Ŧ – n¾ €€ ¾¾ f¾ff¾ €n ¾°–’@½° O Ŧ -f¾½ ¯½ -fŴ‰Ŵ@9f¾ O n°ť¯¾¾n ¯n ¾€¯ f° f ¾¯€f° ¯°Ť ¾¾¯¯f°½°¾ O Ŧ–Ŧfnf° ¾n° f fnf°¾½€f°¾½Ŵƽ‰ţţ–f°nn¯½ ° ¾ O n°°f¾°½°°f°nn°€f¾ ¾f°n O n°ƹ€f°Ŷf¾½°¾n° O ,n °ť ¾ °f O °f¾½°n¾f¯ ¾n¾f ¾n°fn
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