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John Dunn

Sept 10 – Intro To Measurement and Evaluation Continued Inferences • To “infer” means to “reach a conclusion based on facts or reasoning Evaluation • Evaluation occurs when we can make a statement about the relative standing (or magnitude) of an attribute • An evaluative statement means you can compare the score against a pre existing criterion or you can make a norm referenced comparison. • Evaluative statements aren’t necessarily truthful • For example, we could guess on a quiz and get them all right.. that isn’t necessarily truthful Mastery Item “A phys Ed teacher records the number of sit-ups a 12 year old girl completes in one minute. The teacher then compares the score to all sit up scores recorded at the school for female 12 year-olds over the past 10 years. Task: Differentiate between the test, measurement, and evaluation characteristics in this activity The test is a sit up test, measuring how many sit ups can be done in a minute and we assign a numerical value to the number of sit ups completed, and the number of sit ups she does is compared to the norm from the past 10 years Question: What is the “variable/construct” that we are measuring? The variable/construct being measured is core strength (because sit ups are an indicator of ones core strength) We have to make sure the protocols of the tests are constant **... but the “truthfulness” (ex. Validity) of our inference depends upon the quality of our data • Quality of our data depends upon the quality of our test • Quality of our test, in part, depends upon the quality of the operational definition of our construct/variable If we defined core strength as abs and hip flexors, it would affect our test protocol (ex. Holding the feet when doing the sit ups) The way we define the construct, is important because it ties in with our operational definition What is an Operational Definition? • The Operational Definition of a construct/variable defines or specifies the components/factors that make up the attribute or construct or variable being measured • Whenever we measure something, we need to define what we are measuring Ex. Sport Anxiety Scale Concentration Disruption Subscale: Measures an athlete’s tendency to lose concentration as a function of CTA (competitive trait anxiety)
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