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Sept 19 – Descriptive and Inferential Stats Descriptive Stats • Descriptive stats are statistical procedures used to summarize, organize and simplify data Inferential Stats • Techniques that allow us to study samples, and then make generalizations about the population from which (sample participants) were selected • Inferential stats can only provide meaningful generalizations if my sample is representative of the population Sampling Design • Random Sampling or Random Selection helps increase the likelihood of having a sample that is representative of the population • Every individual should have the same chance of being selected for the sample Sampling Error Stratified Sampling • Divide the population into groupings (or strata) of interest, then sample within each stratum. (1) Proportional & Disproportional Stratified Sampling • Many sampling designs are purely samples of convenience and have little element of “randomness” about the process • Be aware that the sampling process can have a major impact upon the types/validity of generalizations/inferences you make about the population of interest! Note slide 3 Right 1 box stratified population nd Right 2 box disproportional stratified sample Left boxProportional stratified sample Sociology n = 70 35% Psychology n = 60 30% Other n =60, 30% English n = 10, 5% N = 200 Disproportional Stratifed sample 50 for each category n = 200 Ex
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