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Sept 24 – Scales Of Measurement Nominal Scale • Nominal scales have a set of categories with different names. There are no quantitative distinctions between observations/categories • The difference between categories or numbers is totally meaningless • The values are meaningless other than to identify there is a difference between categories • The only thing you can do with nominal data is frequency data (ex. So many people walked, so many people drove etc.) • We can assign values but the magnitude of the differences are meaningless • No – no numeric; minal 0 minimal use Ordinal Scale • As increase in numeric value, the order of the number is important • Ex. John finished a race n 1 , dave finishes in 2 , and mike finished in 3 . The numbers imply a rank order of performance. However the difference between 1 and 2 nd is meaningless in terms of magnitude. John could finish in 20:10 and dave could finish in 20:11 and mitke could finish in 27:45. In ordinal scale, the difference in time between first and second is meaningless • The order is implied but we don't know how much of a difference exists in the numbers • Ordinal implies the notion of rank order (mnemonic aid) • Provides order to our data, but other than that, we cannot make any inferences about the magnitude of the differences in numbers.. Interval Scale • most common interval scale is temperature • interval scales contain a set of ordered categories and the interval (difference) between each successive category is the same.. • ex. 0-1 degrees difference of 1 degree is the same difference of 1 degree in 20-21 degrees • interval scales don't possess an absolute zero point indicating a complete absence of the construct being measured • anything with an arbitraty zero point will be unable to use ratio comparison measurement (ex
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