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John Dunn

Oct 3 – Central Tendency Computations Proportions, percentages Graphical representations of data No questions on measures of central tendency • Mean is linked to standard deviation and variability • Mew will be the symbol used to represent population mean instead of x bar • X bar will be used for sample mean • Mean is the sum of x divided by n (number of scores) • Scores of 0 arent ignored • Deviation score – the magnitude of the difference between a raw score and the mean • The sum of deviation scores will all add up to 0 – some will be negative, some will be positive • If we change one score, the mean must change • Adding a score that is the value of the mean, wont change the balance of the mean • Mean is based on every score in the data set • The group with the largest sample size will have the largest influence on the mean • Linear transformation – if the class average was 57% and the prof added 8% to every score so that the class average went up to 65%. • If we divided all scores by 10, the mean would be divided by 10 • The value for mean and median doesn’t necessarily have to exist in your data set • Wwill be given a data set, given a scenario and will be asked which method of central tendency should be used – next midterm will have this • Any computation you do for the median will be N/2! • The median is the middle score in an ordered distribution
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