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Physical Education and Sport
Dan Syrotuik

Sept 9 Lab tips y Anaerobic alactic system use definitions y Timing was offy Have peak PO and Mean POFatigue y The inability to maintain a PO or force during any type of repeated or sustained muscle contraction s y Causes of fatigue are varied and depend on the type intensity and duration of exercise and the associated energy systems utilized pg 4041 Factors Of Fatigue y Interaction of factors y Central and peripheral neural factors firing or transmission rates of motor neurons O2 supply Substrate depletion glycogen Metabolite accumulation ionic imbalance Phosphagen Depletion ATP PC muscle damage disease FTST distribution environmental factorsDepletion of Phosphagens y Results from depletion of ATP and PC stores y PC can deplete to about 15 of resting values y ATP rarely depletes below 40 of rest y Primary concern for sprinting and strength exercise Accumulation Of Metabolites Accumulation of Hy interferes with the activity of many metabolic enzymesCa2 binding at troponin as well as Ca2 regulation May also stimulate nerve receptors which can elicit a pain response
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