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Thermoregulation Continued

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Physical Education and Sport
Dan Syrotuik

Nov 8Thermoregulation Continued y There doesnt seem to be a risk in freezing your lungs y Since hear and moisture are added to the air as it is conditioned in the upper respiratory passageways via the mucosal lings of the trachea tissue Is Muscle Function Impaired In Cold y Research indicates both the ability to develop force output and perform coordinated movements are impaired y thus motor unit recruitment is affected by muscle cooling probably by a slowingdisruption of neural transmission via the motor nerves What about gender differences to heat and coldHeat y since women generally have higher subcutaneous fat their ability to dissipate heat is compromised y women have a larger surface area to mass ratio adding to heat gain in extremely hot environments y in less extreme heat conditions a larger surface area to mass ratio may improve heat dissipation to some extent y males have a higher overall sweat rate and h
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