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Chapter 16 Part 1 and 2: Body Composition

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University of Alberta
Physical Education and Sport
Dan Syrotuik

November 15Body Composition chapter 16part 1 and 2Body Composition y The assessment of body composition is important for health disease and fitness athletics sport y Many isues to health sport and vanity have centered around body comp y Several theoretical model have been proposed in an attempt to validate the measurement of body compTheoretical Minimal Leanness Standards y Lowest body fat without impairing health for young adults y Males 3 for essential body fat y Female 12 essential body faty Consequences of too low of body fat and body masso Loss of functionweaknessfrailty etco Endocrine and immune dysfunctiono Excessive bone and muscle mass losso Fat mass essential and storage fato Fat free mass muscle bone organs body fluids body cavitys etc Body CompSome General Observationsy Differences in athletic performance can be partly explained by the composition of the body y Gender differences existgenerally a higher fat and lower lean mass in females but athletic individuals in both genders tend to be lean y Aging also causes changes in body comploss of lean tissue with aging and an increase in the proportion of fat
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