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Neuromuscular System And Exercise

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University of Alberta
Physical Education and Sport
Dan Syrotuik

Oct 4 Neuromuscular System and exerciseIntro y The neuromuscular system includes the interaction between our nervous system and skeletal muscle y Our focus will be the effect of acute and chronic exercise on the skeletal muscle motor unit MU y Motor Unit includes the anterior motor neuron and the muscle fibers it innervates and has been described as the basic functional unit of movement2 primary tools used by an exercise scientist to study motor unit physiology in humans y Electromyography EMG reflects both the quality and quantity of electrical activity generated during a muscle contractionMuscle Biopsy y Removal and analysis of a small portion of whole muscle y Provides a direct measurement of muscle propertiesOther tool used to assess neuromuscular responses during exercisey Imaging devices such as ultra sound computed topography CT scanning MRI to measure structural components near infrared spectroscopy NIR to measure oxygenation of muscley Forcepower output devices for measurement of muscle performance ex Isokinetic dynamometersCharacteristics of MUy Motor Neuron MN the anterior MN is a type A alpha and is relatively large in diameter and is myelinated thus providing fast conduction velocityy Neuromuslcular Junction motor end plate involves the interface between the MN and the muscle fiber
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