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Gas Exchange

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Physical Education and Sport
Dan Syrotuik

Oct 27 Gas Exchange The BasicsDiffusion random movement of molecules gases tend to diffuse from areas of high concentration to low concentration Partial Pressure P simply the pressure exerted by a gasPartial Pressure of gas is determined by 1 The fractional percent concentration of a gas 2 The atmospheric pressure barometricy Partial pressure P is used to express the pressure of each separate gas in a gas mixture or liquid bloodPO2 at sea level Pb 760 mmHg x fractional concentration of O2 2093 1591 mmHg sea level PCO2 0228 and PN2 600 mmHgWhat about the partial pressure of gases in the alveoli y There is also an addition of water molecules vapour to inspired air which subtract the equivalent of 47 mmHg at body temp y An increase in surface area for gas exchange within lung that also decreases pressure increase in volume decrease in pressure and y A mixture of CO2 higher and O2 lower gases from blood entering pulmonary capillaries y Result in lung PaO2 100105 mmHg and PaCO2 40 mmHg Aalveolar
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