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Lab 1 Notes On Ergometers

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Physical Education and Sport
Dan Syrotuik

Lab 1 Ergometer y Ergometer ergo means work meter means measure An instrument in which the amount of mechanical work can be calculated in proper SI units y Enables subjects to perform prescribed amounts of exercise work while physiological variables accompanying their performances can be measured y Nonergometric testing such as treadmill and step tests are non ergometric since the mechanical work done in these exercises arent easily calculated y Cycle ergometers allow for much of the mechanical work to be calculated accurately with little loss of measured work due to changes in friction on the belt attached tot he flywheel y Efficiency of work may vary with experience or skill of subject the subjects body weightand rate of limb movementsFormulasForce NM x A y Mass mresistance kg kp y Acceleration agravity981 ms2WorkF x D N x m J y Dflywheel of bike or rowing ergometer y Monark6m Gjessing1mPowerF x DT watts kg x mmin N x ms
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