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Chapter 3 - Sensory Contributions To Skilled Performance

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Physical Education and Sport
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Adrian Popescu

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Sept 29 Chapter 3Sensory Contributions to Skilled PerformanceSources Of Sensory InfoExteroception from outside the body vision and auditionProprioception from inside the body vestibular apparatus muscle spindles GTO cutaneous receptorsOptical IllusionIdentical sensations can yield different perceptionsVestibular ApparatusStructure of the inner ear3 semicircular canalsangular accelerationOtholith organs utricle horizontal and saccule verticalRole maintain static and dynamic equilibriumVestibuleoccular reflexstabilize image on retina during head movement ex ReadMuscle spindle tell how much a muscle is being stretchedGTO send info on strength or force of contractionMuscle SpindlesIntrafusal muscle fibersLie parallel to skeletal muscle fibers extrafusal muscle fibersActivated when muscle is stretchedMuscle contraction reduces activation of spindleCutaneous Receptorstactile Sensationsense organs located in most skin areas touch pressure stretch vibration temperature pain
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