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Chapter 9 - Structuring The Learning Experience

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Physical Education and Sport
Adrian Popescu

November 22 Structuring the Learning experience Chap 9Practicing Different Tasks Typically more than one task y Rehearsal of several strokes in tennis and variations y Several ADL during a rehab session y How to sequence practice for learningBlocked vs Random Practice y Blockedsequence in which learners repeatedly rehearse the same task y Random sequence in which learners perform a number of different tasks in no particular order y Effect on learning superior learning under random practice and less successful outcomes during practice sessionstaught by BattingContextual Interference Effecty The effect of random and blocked practice schedules on learning of different tasks y Results blocked practice better performance during initial rehearsal AND random practice shows better learning on retention tests y Why this phenomenon Elaboration Hypothesisy By changing tasks participants identify relationships between movement patterns y Result strong more meaningful durable longterm memories y Such memoriesmore durable and easily retrievedThe Forgetting Hypothesis y AKA action plan reconstruction hypothesis y During early rehearsal participants forget and reconstruct the action plan for the task y Continuous challenge to produce appropriate plans find task solutions
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