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Chapter 6 - Individual Differences and Motor Abilities

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Physical Education and Sport
Adrian Popescu

Chapter 6Individual Differences and Motor Abilities y People considerably vary skill performance due to many factors body type fitness level attitudesmotivation learning style abilities y People differ in many ways that influence their motor performance and learning Scientists attempt to identify these individual differences that influence motor performance and learningNot Testing Individual Differences Experimental Approach y Experimenter controls the factor they are interested in y Subtract out individual differences then average out individual differences y Assumes that humans are alike one another y Any differencesvariations are subtractedaveraged out y Usually compares the means of 1 test variable between 2 or more subject groups y Leads to cause and effect statements about human behavior Differential Approach y Technique used when interested in learning about individual differences y Individuals are the data points y Retain information about individual differences y Focuses on factors that make people different y Individual performance on one test compared to performance on another test y Only 1 group of subjects but at least 2 tests on each subject y Does not infer causationy Uses correlation techniquesCorrelation y Measurescompares performance on two tasks y People become the data points line of best fit between data y The closer the points are to the line the stronger the relationship between the tasks y Strong correlation tight relationship between performance on secondary task based on primary task y Relationship quantified by r y Slope of the line sign of r indicates the direction of the relationship y r varies between 1 and 1 2y Often use r when describing correlations y Strength magnitude of r and direction sign of r are different properties of correlation
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