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University of Alberta
Physical Education and Sport
Jody Virr

Oct 25 – Manipulative Skills Continued When catching, we are trying to keep the angle of the tangent angle constant. As long as the angle of gaze was between 0-90 degrees, the catch was successful. If the angle of gaze was 90 or above, the ball would land over their head and behind them • Invariance in moving sideways was investigated through the constant bearing angle strategy How do children arrive at the right place? • Perhaps children learn that the ratio is zero when they stand still and catch a ball • Eventually they learn to move to keep the ratio at zero • Experience is important in learning to move to catch • Parents, teachers, and coaches can manipulate info constraints during exploratory practice • Identifying important sources of info might also help novice adults • Our PAP will differ from our info processing view. Errors in early attempts, info processing view would say we made an error in calculations in the brain and we didn't practice enough. If we looked at early errors from PAP,
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