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Oct 23 - ballistic skills continued.doc

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Physical Education and Sport
Jody Virr

Oct 23 – Ballistic Skills Continued Characteristics of early Overarm striking • Limited trunk rotation • Swing with collapsed elbow • Little or no lag with swing forward • Much like early throwing in appearance Proficient Overarm Striking • Lower and upper trunk are rotated more than 90 degrees • Elbow is held between 90 and 119 degrees at start of forward movement • Rackets lags behind arm in forward swing • Movement is sequential Developmental Changes in Overarm Striking Trunk, upper and lower arm, and leg sequences similar to those for overarm throwing Prepatory trunk action 1.) No trunk rotation 2.) Minimal trunk rotation 3.) Total trunk rotation Elbow action in ball-contact phase 1.) Very small or very large angle 2.) Intermediate angle (1-89 degrees) 3.) Ideal angle (90-119 degrees) Spinal and pelvic range of motion 1.) Rotation of less than 45 degrees 2.) Rotation of 45 -89 degrees 3.) Rotation of 90 degrees or more Racket action 1.) No racket lag 2.) Racket lag
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