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Physical Education and Sport
Brad Kern

Jan 30 – Lab 3: Secondary Survey • Its usually best to stow and go, rather than stay and let someone die Once we see the patient isn’t that bad after our primary survey, we undergo the secondary survey To check pupils, take one hand and open the eye and shine a flashlight on their forehead, moving towards the pupil Sometimes even before the flashlight, we may see one big pupil and one small pupil Again for pulse, we should get the radial artery and then measure it for 15 seconds, multiply by 4 History S: symptoms O: observation P: provokes Q: quality R: region/radiation: if I palpate the region outside the injury, does the patient feel the pain (ex. Feel pain in shouler after hitting the funny bone). S: severity: a 9 would be high in pain and severity T: time of onset – would be helpful to know stomach ache has been happening for 4 hours A: allergies Meds: once we know the medications and allergies, we can get the gopher to note these things down. Past History: has the patient ever been seriously injured Last intake: did the patient eat something that could cause a tummy ache? Events prior: how did the injury happen? May have to get this question answered by bystanders 3.) observation – DCAP BLS Deformities would be a goose egg on the head Constusions are also known as bruises Abrasions would be scrapes and can be infected Penetration or puncture would be like a piece of steel sticking out from a person leg (if its shallow, pull it out) Burn Laceration – any type of cut or tearing of skin Swelling: area around injury will swell
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