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Physical Education and Sport
Brad Kern

Jan 16 – PEDS 240 Lab 1 Athletic Therapy • Branch of physical therapy • Focuses on preventing and treating acute and chronic injuries sustained by athletes on and off the field of play • Can range from slashed arteries to athletes foot to Chlamydia and everything in between • AT`s treat and prevent but should refrain from diagnosing, often more expertise and testing is needed What do you do when things go wrong? • Have an EAP: detailed plan in case of emergency • Designate a charge person, call person, control person and gopher • Gophers main job is to help get something from the room like a spine board or AED • Have a list of numbers, know where equipment is, how responders can reach you, who is present to help, have a map • ambulance cards are excellent Example of a health card Name:Bryan Yu Address: 123 street Age: 22 Bir
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