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Physical Education and Sport
Brad Kern

Jan 23Lab 2 Emergency Scene ManagementSurveysWhen you first roll up to someone make sure there are no dangers nearAssess the scene and see what is going on before you are committed and it is too lateCan often prevent you from becoming another casualtyCan help determine mechanism of injury MOIMOI is how someone got hurt If we didnt see how the injury happened we can ask the athlete or bystandersIdentify yourself as a first aiderInvolves liability and other red tape1Take charge of the situation2Body substance isolationwear latex gloves and a CPR mask to reduce risk of getting a disease3Assess hazards and make the area saferemember fire wire gas or glass Bystanders can sometimes crowd around you but we can also use them to our advantage by getting them to call 9114Find out history of the scene5Identify yourself as a first aider and offer help6Call out help to attract bystandersThings to RememberWrite vitals on glove dont lose glove This means you check the time you started working on the injuryDouble glove yourself if situation calls for itWear a watch
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