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Brad Kern

Jan 11 – Sports Medicine Roles How does the Fitness Professional Relate to the Sports Medicine Team? • The athletic trainer should dictate what the athlete can and cannot do when engaging in a strength and conditioning program • Strength and conditioning coaches are typically not available at the high school level • The athletic trainer or team coach typically assume this role in these situations • Will require both program development and overseeing the weight room Personal Fitness Trainer • Some pro athletes have a personal trainer and strength coach • Responsible for designing comprehensive exercise program to meet an individuals needs and goals while also considering a persons health history • No single standard qualification for a person to practice as a fitness trainer • ACSM is the American College of sport medicine • NASM is National Academy of Sport Medicine • NSCA is National Strength and Conditioning association • ACSM, NASM, NSCA, and ACE have specific requirements, mandatory testing/retesting, renewal periods, and continuing education for certifications • All personal fitness trainers should be certified in CPR/AED and in basic First Aid* • PFT is the strongest growth segment of the fitness industry • Note which governing body you want to be a part of Personal Fitness Trainer • Strongest growth segment of the fitness industry • Providing increasing services in post rehab training, sports conditioning, special medical needs, and weight management • Working with a variety of client populations How does a Recreational Specialist Relate to the Sports Medicine Team? • a recreation specialist plans, organizes, and oversees leisure activities and athletic programs in local recreation camp and park areas; in playground; in health clubs and fitness centers; in the workplace; and in theme parks • recreational specialists are required to ensure that the environment is safe • Should an injury occur to a participant, recreational specialists should be able to provide immediate and correct first aid and then refer for additional medical assistance • all recreation specialists should be certified in CPR/AED and in basic First Aid The following positions are required to have a good understanding of injury management Recreation and Parks Directors • serve as an advisor to local and state recreation and park commissions to manage comprehensive recreation programs in a variety of settings • develop budgets for recreation programs Recreation Supervisors • serve as liaison between parks director and recreation leaders • plan, organize, and manage various activities; may also direct special activities or events Recreation Leaders • responsible for daily operations of the recreation program Activity Specialist • provide instruction and coach groups in specialties (ex. swimming or tennis) Camp Counselor • lead and instruct campers in outdoor oriented forms of recreation Recreational Therapist • work in acute healthcare settings; working to treat and rehab individuals with specific health conditions • utilize leisure activities to improve and maintain clients general health and
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