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Jan 14 - Organizing and Administering An Athletic Health Care Program.doc

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Physical Education and Sport
Brad Kern

Jan 14 – Chap 2: organizing and administering an athletic health care program Rules of Operation for And Athletic Healthcare Program • Determine who will take care of athletic health care facility • Must develop policies and procedures (delineate daily routine of program) Define Scope of program • Who will be served by program? • Athlete: to what extent and what service will be rendered • Institution: who else can be served medically and educationally and what are the legalities Providing Coverage Facility Personnel Coverage • Budgetary concerns may be a limiting factor • What personnel are available? Sports Coverage • Different institutions (including high schools) have different levels of coverage based on personnel and risks involved with sports Hiring a Certified Athletic Trainer in Secondary Schools • Problems occurring later from improperly managed injuries could be avoided with proper management from an athletic trainer • According to the NATA: all secondary schools should provide the services of a full time, on site, certified athletic trainer (ATC) to student athletes.” • American Academy of Pediatrics (1998) adopted a policy recommending employment of athletic trainers in the high school setting Athletic Health Care Facility Policies • Facility should be used only for prevention and care of sports injuries • Rules must be established in the interest of sanitation (OSHA – occupational safety and health administration) see focus box 2-2 • Policies regarding environmental conditions and emergency protocols should also be set Keeping Facilities Clean • Rules concerning room cleanliness and sanitation must be set and made known to population using facility • Examples include: no swearing, food, tobacco, equipment in training room and showering prior to treatment • Preventing spread of infectious disease is everyones responsibility • Must adhere to OSHA standards and guidelines • Cleaning responsibilities are divided between athletic training staff and maintenance personnel • Division of responsibilities: maintenance crew: sweep floors daily, clean and disinfect sinks and tubs, mop hydrotherapy room, empty trash • Athletic training staff: clean treatment tables, disinfect hydrotherapy modalities daily, clean equipment regularly • Note OSHA website and have an understanding of what OSHA does. OH & S is the Canadian based version of OSHA responsible for occupational safety and health. • OSHA, stands for occupational safety and health administration and is responsible for setting safety standards in workplaces Establishing Healthy Habits for the Athlete • Promotion of good health and hygiene is critical • Are the athletes cleared to play? • Is each athlete insured? • Does the athlete promptly report injury and illness? • Does the athlete follow good living habits? • Do they avoid sharing clothes and towels? • Does the athlete exhibit good hygiene practices? • Does the athlete avoid common drinking sources? Emergency Telephones • Accessibility to phones in all major areas of activity is a must
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