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Jan 16 - chap2 organizing and administering an atheltic health care program.doc

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Brad Kern

Jan 16 – Chap 2: Organizing and Administering an Athletic Health Care Program READ Chapter 8! Know for exam Administering Pre-Participation Examinations • Pre-participation exam prior to start of practice is critical Purpose: • Identify athlete that may be at risk. We don't want athletes who could drop dead in a game • Establish a baseline Maturity Assessment • Means to protect young physically active athletes Release of Medical Records • Medical records cannot be released without athletes written consent (or parent/guardian written consent if the athlete is not 18 • If the athlete wants records released to colleges/uni’s, insurance companies or news media, they and the parents/guardians must provide written consent • Waiver must specify information to be released HIPAA Regulations • Regulates how any member of the sports medicine team can share health information concerning an athlete • Provides athletes with access to their medical records and control over how their health information is used and disclosed • Athlete can provide blanket authorization for release of specified medical information on a yearly basis • Note site. The site gives us info on what HIPAA does FERPA Regulations • FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (protects privacy of student educational records) • Provides parents certain rights with respect to inspection of childs educational records (can request corrections if inaccurate or misleading) • Rights transfer to child (age 18 or upon entering school beyond high school (become “eligible student”) • School must have written permission to release information Injury Reports • Every injury, even if it happens numerous times, has to be documented • Injury reports serve as future reference • Reports can shed light on events that may be hazy following an incident • Injury reports are Necessary in case of litigation • All reports should be filed in the athletic health care facility (filled out in triplicate – copy to school health office, physician, and one copy should be retained) Treatment Log • A sign-in sheet for athletes getting treatment to keep track of services • Daily treatments can be recorded • Can be used as legal documentation in instances of litigation • Subject to HIPAA and FERPA regulations Personal Information Card • Contains contact info for family, personal physician, and insurance information Injury Evaluation and Progress Notes • Injured athlete should be evaluated by an athletic trainer or physician (record of the evaluation should be kept) • If not available, a coach should encourage athlete and parents to set appointment with a local physician for injury assessment, diagnosis, and documentation Note SOAP! Soap is a part of the injury evaluation process. SOAP stands for
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