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Physical Education and Sport
Brad Kern

Jan 18 – Chap 6: Selecting and Using Protective Sports Equipment Off the Shelf vs. Custom Protective Equipment Off the shelf equipment Pre-made and packaged Can be used immediately (neoprene sleeves, inserts, ankle braces) May pose problem relative to sizing Custom equipment Constructed according to the individual Specifically sized and designed for protective and supportive needs Head Protection Direct collision sports require head protection due to impacts, forces, velocities, and implements Football helmets National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) develop standards for football helmet certification Must be protective against concussive force While helmets must be certified, they may not always be fail-safe Athletes and parents must be aware of risks Each helmet must have visible exterior warning labels Label indicates that helmet shouldn’t be used to strike an opponent due to risk of injury Indicates risk of injury accidentally and that athlete plays at own risk while using helmet Athletes must be aware of risks and what label indicates Athlete reads and signs statement regarding warning label There are a number of helmet manufacturers (many have closed due to lawsuits and liability cases) Football helmets generally have air or fluid filled pockets to absorb force Riddell revolution has made revolutionary changes
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