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Brad Kern

Jan 18 – Fitting Helmets Baseball/ Softball Batting Helmets • Must withstand high velocity impacts • Research has indicated that helmet does little to dissipate energy of ball • Possible solution would be to add additional external padding • Helmet must still carry NOCSAE stamp (similar to football label) Cycling Helmets • Designed to protect the head during one single impact • Football, baseball, and hockey helmets are more durable and can survive repeated blows • Many states requires use of cycling helmets, especially in adolescents Lacrosse Helmets • Required for male lacrosse players; females must wear protective eye- guard • hard plastic with wire mesh cage • must have center bar running from top to bottom to absorb repeated, high velocity blows • four point buckling system to keep helmet in place and ensure better fit Face Protection Four Categories • face guard: o has reduced the number of facial injuries o when some have a lot of equipment, they feel invincible o number of concussions has increased because head is most often used in initial contact o there are a variety of protective options depending on sport and position o proper mounting of the mask must occur with no additional attachments that would invalidate the manufacturers warranty o all mountings must be flush to the helmet o in high school hockey, face masks are required (with white plastic coating) that meet hockey equipment certification council and American society for testing materials o spacing in the mask has to be small enough so that sticks and pucks cant pass through o additional polycarbonate face shields are also available o use of throat protectors are also mandated at some levels Throat Protection o laryngotracheal injuries, while uncommon can be fatal o baseball catchers, lacrosse goalies, and hockey goalies are most at risk (should be mandatory in these sports) o NCAA requires a cage, face mask for their hockey players o All equipment must meet the hockey equipment certification council HECC Mouth Guards • Most dental injuries can be prevented with appropriate customized intraoral mouth guards •
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