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Physical Education and Sport
Brad Kern

Feb 1: Ch 13 : recognizing different sports injuries • No matter how much time Is spent on injury prevention, sooner or later an injury occurs • Either acute or chronic in nature • Acute injuries: result of trauma (ex. Achillies tendon rupture) • Chronic: caused by repetitive, overuse activities (found in endurance sports. Treatment doesn’t work so we have to do educated guessing. Found in throwing like rotator cuff injuries) Acute Traumatic Injuries Fractures • Result of extreme stress and strain on bone Anatomical characteristics • Bone is made of dense connective tissue matrix • Include outer compact tissue • Inner porous cancerous bone including haversion canals Gross Structures of Long Bones • Diaphysis – shaft and is made up of hollow or cylindrical bone and is covered by compact bone • Epiphysis is the end of the bones and is composed of cancellous bone and hyaline cartilage covering. This reduces friction between articulating bone • Periosteum – dense, white fibrous covering which penetrates bone via sharpey fibres • Contains blood vessels and osteoblasts Most fractures occur at the diaphysis Acute Bone Fractures • Open fractures break the skin • Partial or complete disruption that can be either closed or open (through skin) • Acute bone fractures have serious musculoskeletal conditions • Acute bone fractures presents with deformity, point tenderness, swelling and pain on active and passive motion • With fractures, There will be sharp, point specific pain Greenstick fracture • When we have An incomplete fracture that occurs on the convex surface, concave surface stays intact • We see this in youth. Comminuted fracture • 3 or more fragments in this fracture • Due to hard blow or awkward fall • Difficult healing situation • Sometimes it will have to be surgically repaired • Screws will have to be put in and it takes a long time to heal Transverse fracture • Occurs in a straight line • MOI will be an object impact. A direct blow to a bone Linear fracture • Due to falling from a height Spiral fracture • This happens whe
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