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Physical Education and Sport
Brad Kern

March 11 – Knee Acute Patella Sublaxation or Dislocation Cause of Injury • Deceleration with simultaneous coming in opposite direction (valgus force at knee) • Quad pulls the patella out of alignment • Some athletes may be predisposed to injury • Repetitive sublaxation will impose stress to medial restraints • More commonly seen in female athletes Signs of Injury • With sublaxation, pain, swelling, restricted ROM, palpable tenderness over abductor tubercle • Dislocations result in total loss of function • First time dislocation = assume fracture Care • Immobilize and refer to physician for reduction • Ice around the joint • Following reduction, immobilization for at least 4 weeks with use of crutches • After immobilization period, horseshoe pad with elastic wrap should be used to support patella • Muscle rehab focusing on muscle around the knee, thigh and hip are key (STLR’s are optimal for the knee) Chondromalacia Patella Cause • Softening and deterioration of the articular cartilage. Mainly happens on posterior patella surface Abnormal patellar tracking • Bony alignment • Quadriceps weakness • Pelvis width • If you always seem to have pain in the patella, you probably have poor patellar tracking Signs of Injury • Pain with walking, running, stairs and squatting • Possible recurrent swelling, grating sensation with flexion and extension Care • Conservative
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