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PEDS240 Lecture Notes - Bruise, Kataeb Party, Acromioclavicular Joint

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Physical Education and Sport
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Brad Kern

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April 8 – Ch 19 – Recognition and Management of Finger injuries
Mallet Finger
Cause of Mallet Finger
Caused by a blow that contacts tip of finger avulsing extensor tendon from
Occurs distally to the DIP
If you rupture the extensor tendon, finger will look flexed at 30 degrees.
Sometimes it is associated with an avulsion fracture
Signs of Mallet Finger
Pain at DIP; xray shows avulsed bone on dorsal proximal distal phalanx
Unable to extend distal end of finger (carrying at 30 degree angle)
Point tenderness at sight of injury
Caring for Mallet Finger
RICE and splinting (in extension) for 6-8 weeks
Keep the brace on at all times
Boutonniere Deformity
Cause of Boutonniere Deformity
Rupture of extensor tendon dorsal to the middle phalanx
Forces and locks DIP joint into extension and PIP into flexion. You can
passively move the joint out of this lock.
This can occur when the tip of the finger gets a blow
Signs of a Boutonniere Deformity
Severe pain, obvious deformity and inability to extend DIP joint
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Swelling, point tenderness
Caring for a Boutonniere Deformity
Cold application, followed by splinting of PIP
Splinting must be continued for 5-8 weeks
Because injury is mainly to the extensor, they just brace the PIP
Athlete is encouraged to flex distal phalanx
Jersey Finger
Cause of Jersey Finger
Rupture of flexor digitorm profundus tendon from insertion on distal phalanx
Athlete will be unable to flex their finger
Often occurs with ring finger when athlete tries to grab a jersey
Signs of Jersey Finger
DIP cannot be flexed, finger remains extended
Pain and point tenderness over distal phalanx
Caring for Jersey Finger
Must be surgically repaired
Rehab requires 12 weeks and there is often poor gliding of tendon with
possibility of re-rupture
Gamekeeper’s Thumb
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