Fitness Professionals, Coaches, and the Sport Medicine Team

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University of Alberta
Physical Education and Sport
Fateme Esfandiarpour

Fitness Professionals Coaches and the Sport Medicine Team Defining Roles y Growing demand for welleducated professionally trained personnel to supervise and oversee recreational sport and physical activity o Coaches o Fitness Professionals o Recreation Specialists o Athletic Administrators o Others interested in various aspects of exercise and sports science y Injury is a part of athletics Health and safety of an athlete should be the first priority y Sports Medicine Professionals should be aware of both treatment and prevention of a sports injury y Should be able to o Recognize injury o Provide basic medical assistance o Refer injured individual to appropriate medial personnel specialists o Welltrained professionals are not always healthcare professionals and may not be in violation if they attempt to provide treatment and careWhat is Sports Medicine y Sports medicine is a broad multidisciplinary field of medical practices related to physical activity and sport o Includes physiological biomechanical psychological and pathological phenomena associated with exercise
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