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Physical Education and Sport
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Sept 5 – What is Sport and Exercise Psychology? • “the scientific study of people and their behaviours in sport and exercise contexts and the practical application of that knowledge”. • In this course we will consider age of the athlete, the gender of the athlete, the context of sport, level of competition (recreation vs. Provincial) • Coaches can have a positive or negative effect on the athlete • There is no one personality that is perfect for sport • Another thing to consider is parenting styles which can affect the athletic experiences for children • The fear of social evaluation is the number one fear in sports • Overt behaviour – observable behaviours • Covert behaviour – behaviour is watched and we can deduce what the athlete was thinking ( ex. watching a winger going in for a puck in the corner, but avoiding a check while making it seem like he was going hard for the puck) • Anxiety can be classified as a covert experience; only for some people can we tell they are anxious • Once we understand how people function and why they function that way, we can use this info to help the athletes perform better • Pressure can be a privilege, doesn’t have to be perceived as a threat • Much about sport psychology also applies to life in general • Rejeski and Brawley: Sport Psychology is the educational, scientific, and professional contributions of psychology to the promotion, maintenance, and enhancement of sport related behaviour, whereby sport is defined by Loy (1969) as an institutionalized, competitive game occurrence characterized by physical prowess, strategy, and chance in combination • Sport psychology is a little brother to the discipline of psychology. It wasn’t until the late 1960’s, when sport psychology started being studied and used. • Clinical psychology – dealing with people with clinical disorders such as depression Major Purpose/Objectives of Sport and Exercise Psychology • Understand the effects of psychological factors on physical and motor performance (ex. How does anger, personality, anxiety affect performance?) • Understand the effects of participating in physical activity on psychological development, health, and well-being (ex. How does participation in sport
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