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Physical Education and Sport
John Dunn

Sept 14 – Psychophysiological Research and Psychological Inference Overview of the Underlying Logic (Assumptions) behind the inferential process in Psychophysiological Research • Induce a psychological state/activity proce(Ψ1). – this symbol stands for psy • Measure corresponding physiological activity/state: (φ1) – this symbol stands for phy. This is a physiological state that corresponds with a psychological state at a certain time. • Induce a different psychological state/activity/process: (Ψ2). – the psychological state of a person at a second point in time • Measure corresponding physiological activity/state: (φ2) – the physiological state of a person at a second point in time that corresponds with psy 2 • • Independent Variable: : Ψ1 - Ψ2 = the change in psy. The psychological change in a person between 2 points in time (unobservable) • Dependent Variable of Interest: the observable change in a person from T1 to T2 φ1 - φ2 End Result • The observed change in the physiological measure (φ*) is assumed to be a direct function (f) of the change in the psychological state/activity of interest (Ψ*). • Phy = f(psy) • Based on the observed physiological function we see, it will be a function and we can make inferences about the psychological processes based on observed physiological processes Research Examples Hypothetical Example • Assess degree of muscle tension (skin conductance) in neck & forearms during the 5 seconds prior to hitting a golf putt under two psychological conditions Participants: Novice University – Student golfers • 15 foot putt for a “can of coke” (Ψ1) = Non Stress • 15 foot putt for “free tuition ” (Ψ2) = Stress. In this situation, yo
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