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Physical Education and Sport
John Dunn

Sept 28 – Approaches to Studying Personality Continiued 2.) Trait Approach • Assumption: people are predisposed to act in a certain way, given their level on the trait characteristic • Views human behaviour from the perspective of consistent and enduring individual difference • Ex. Competitive sport anxiety, aggression in sport, confidence (how confident are you?) 2 types of stability 1.) Absolute stability – your intensity of your state response in situation A will be the same intensity of your response in situation B 2.) Relative stability – different state response in 2 situations, but same relative position According to trait theory, sometimes we see absolute stability The Big 5 Labels that we give to traits that include any possible trait a person can have 1.) Neuroticism (emotionality) – generally the label used for people who are emotional. The heart of this contruct is the principle of anxiety. Anything that is directly or indirectly reatled to anxiety will generally fall into the neuroticism category 2.) Extraversion – enjoys social situations, outgoing, good in parties, making friends. Any behaviour that falls in introvert or extravert fall into this category 3.) 3.) Openness to Experience (intellect) – talking about the openness to discovery and change. Open to do things in a different way. Doesn’t get stuck in their ways and enjoys change because change stimulate
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