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Physical Education and Sport
John Dunn

Oct 22 – Achievement Motivation .) Recognize opportunities where changing the environment may change motivation 4.) Recognize the coach/leader behaviour (verbal and non-verbal) can influence athlete motivation. How we reward and react can influence athletes motivation. As coach’s and parents, we have a partial responsibility for motivating athletes 5.) recognize the use of behaviour medication programs to change undesirable participant motives. Some of those are things to stop athletes from coming late to practice. • Achievement motivation is how hard and intense you are willing to be to be the best you can possibly be • Achievement motivation – the tendency to strive for task success, persist in the face of failure/adversity, and experience pride in accomplishments. • Achievement motivation is often termed “competitiveness” in sport Competitiveness: a disposition to strive for satisfaction when making comparisons with some standard of excellence in the presence of evaluative others Competitiveness is a “situation/domain – specific” achievement motivation orientation Ex. Sport domain vs. Academic domain • For some, sport is more important than academics. Environment can dictate competitiveness Understanding individuals achievement motivations helps.. 1.) Understand their choice of activity (ex. Task difficulty) 2.) Understand their effort levels on a task (frequency, intensity, duration, quality) 4 Major Theories of Achievement Motivation 1.) Need achievement theory 2.) Attribution theory 3.) Achievement goal theory 4.) Competence motivation theory 5.) Self determination theory – textbook doesn’t talk about this much. However, this theory is very popular today. Self – Determination Theory for an individual to experience the highest levels of intrinsic motivation (and to persist) in a task, SDT stipulates that a person seeks to have 3 psychology needs fulfilled • This is an important motivational theory but isn’t a achievement motivation theory • This is a theory of intrinsic motivation – what drives us internally • According to this theory, there are 3 critical psychological needs that must be fulfilled 1.) Need for competence – we have this intrinsic need to interact effectively with environment. Once someone feels successful, they will strive to be better at what they do. If someone fails consistently, their confidence gets very low. 2.) Need for autonomy – sense of self-initiation and choice. Whenever someone has a sense of chice, they have a sense of intrinsic motiavaiton. When we give people a sense of ownership or a feeling of this is “my team”, they are likely to be more motivated. 3.) Need for relatedness – feel connected with significant others. When we are able to stisfy these 3 psychological nees, there is a higher level of intrinsic motivation. People direct their effort to situations/domains where these needs are satisfied. Coaches and teachers can then try to structure environments to fulfill these needs If we can give opportunities for fulfilling these 3 needs, good things will happen. However, sometimes you can get away without these needs being fulfilled. Need Achievement Theory • Interactional theory that considers personality and situational factors to explain motivated behaviour (ex. Direction, intensity, duration, and quality of effort) Note page 62 5 components make up the model/theory 1.) Personality Motive to achieve success • Capacity/tendency to experience pride and satisfaction in
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