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Guest Lecture by Matthew (Grad Student)

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Physical Education and Sport
John Dunn

cnff€°–°c½ 9Ŷ½ Ŷ ° O c¾¯f¾½°¯¯°O, Ŷ€° n ° , f ° O f°€°f¾n°f°°°¾€€€ 4 -©¾fff¾n°Ŧ O ½°fn°f!€¯!f°¾f¾f¯!f°¾¾€¯°fn°€½¾°f €fn¾½¾°fţff°¾f°f€fn¾¾nf°!°¯° O ½!¾!€¯!f°¾¾¾°f°¾f°°–¾nff€°– Ŷ€° °€nff€°– O Œn°°¯!f°f°€€°°!f¾nn!f°––ţ f¾°n¯¯°–fn¯½f°°!fnfn!°– ½½½€¯f°nf°#f!Ŷ°–¾½°–° f¾°¾€°ff¾ O c¯½½ţ¾nff€°–€¾€°°–f°!f¾½€¾¾€€°°– –f°°°–f° O f°f°f°nf%¾!°¾––¾f¾nff€°–¾f½€¾nf¾f¾ °–f!¯½fn¾°°!f¾ţ¾nf°¾°¾f°¾n &'& !Ŷ@#$°–¯f°°€€n O ½° &('ţ)°–¯f°°f¾½f!¾!fnn!–½½€¯f°nf¾ °€¾¯€°!f½€¯f°n¾°f½½°–f¾ O )°–¯f°°#¾¾f¾°!½½¾°€ O )°–¯f°°¾!ff¾–½¾*°nf¾€€°n°–½¾fnf ½€¯f°nf°½°f½€¯f°n°nf¾ 4 9°–°f½ŦŦŦ°!f!¾Ŧ½¾f°f*f°f–½¾¯€n f¾°¾f¯ţf°f¾fnf¾¯ff°°!f¾¯ O ½°–f¯ţ!°–ţf!¾ţf°9nf¯ &',ff¾°°€)°–¯f°°#¾¾f° ½nŦ &Ŷ@#$°–¯f°°€€n n° Ŧ O f½ O )°–¯f°°€°f¾f°f€€nŦŦŦf¾–½¾*°nf¾½€¯f°nnf¾ O ½ŦŦŦ°9Ŷ€°n!°ff°€f°°-Ŵ/°!f¾ (Ŷ@#$°–¯f°°€€n n° Ŧ O Œ¾¾€¯½°–f¯#¾¾°½ffn°€¯)°–¯f°°#¾€°°–¾ cnff€°–°c½ ( 9Ŷ½ O J)°–¯f°°€°€€n°fţ½°–f¯f°nf–¾€°fn!°f €€nţ€€°n!€€€¯-Ŵ/–½¯¯¾ O ,¯½f°ţ°½°–f¯#¾¾n°0½¯°fnn°€n°f°¾¾f°f¾ f¾¾€€n€¯f¯!f°¾¾½¾½n!Ŧ )Ŷf f°ţJf¯¾f°-f.°¾ /)/ O ţJf°1nf¯f!¾°¾nff€°–¾fn O J1f°¾€n¾°¾nff€°–¾n°0€¾½ţf°f°f°Jf¯¾ f¾nff€°–°¯f°€¾½ţf¾f¾¾€¾½ O @#n°f°€° # ¯0¾nff€°–1 O ,¾¾nff€°–fnfnn¾¾€¾½ŦŦŦf°°–f°*f°¾f°n½f°¾ ¾°¾¾ 2Ŷ° Ŧ O Œ½½¾€¾f¾€ 4 ŦŒ½nf)°–¯f°°€€n¾°–f€€°f¾ţ°f€€°nf° ¯ 4 (ŦŒf°fn°€n°f°¾¾n°f°¾¾¾ťf°¾° %f¯!f°¾f°f°n¾*€€€°¾–°¾nff€°– O c°–f°nf½½°–½fn½½°–°¾¾ O ½f¾¯f¾°f¾°½€¯¾°–°¾f½¾nf°€°!!° ½n°–¾°½¾¾Ŧ,f¾°–€€–¾° O ,¾¯f½°–f¯fŦ /Ŷ° Ŧ O 0½¯° 4 °¾¯f¾¾½°–f¯fŦ 4 €€n!¯°¾ff¾nff€°–f½½€€°f¾¾ţ¯¾f° n¾ 4 c°n°€n°f°¾¾f°f°n¾* 4 !°f€€nŦŦŦ O 0½¯°( 4 9fn½f°¾°€f°½°f½°¾ 4 )n°–¾nf¯f¾¾°–¾¯f¾ ¾°–°f–½°fnf° 4 fn½fn½f°¾f°ţ°fnf–½¾€f°¾0f°°½¾–½¾€ (f°¾0 Ŷ° Ŧ O f½¾€ff cnff€°–°c½ - 9Ŷ½ O 0½¯° Ŷn!°f½€€ŦŦŦ O °f°¾¾Ŷ¾°–f€€°¯¾ţ¾°f!¾nf°n°– O ½3n€€½¾°°¾°°½¾–½¾Ŧ Ŷ$f¾°¾J#°fnff€ O å1°–°4 4 f°¯ţåf¯f!f°n4 4 nf¾°½¾°f€€¯f°f!n½¾°ff¯€f 4 c°¾€f¾n¯°–¾¯f½€€¯€½fn 4 Œ°!fnf¾°°€f°–½° –½½¾°f€f¾ O €€,f°f–¯° 4 nf¾°½¾°f€€¯f°¾f!€€€°¯f0¯f¾nf f¾f!ff † ¾¾ţnfnţ½f°f°#ŦŦŦ¾f¾fŦf°f¯f ½½ŦŦŦ¾¾f!€€€¯fffn ¾°f°nf°f 4 Œ°!fnf¾€€°¾f°¾¯f°n!¯n n–°°€€€¾f°¾f!f€€€°nf°n!¯¾ ½f¾n–°° O å¾°4 4 nf¾°€€¯fnf¾°!f¾°€nf°n!€f n€½€¯f°n°–½ † ½½°–°ff¾f°°#€½€¯f°n n–°*ŦŦŦ O €€,fn°–Ŷ¾°#f½½°°¾½f¾€° 4 nf¾°€€°!f¾€€¯fn€€ !€¾¯°¾°–½ 4 Œ°!f¾°f°n°¾å¾n4 O Œ)€€n 4 nf¾°€€¯fnf¾°!f!¾–½¾nn¾¾€ ¯f¾°€©¾¾°#nff¾nn¾¾€–½ ¾nf–½¯¯¾€¯ 4 ½°Ŵ)ţ¾f°–½¯¯½f¾€å€4f° f°–½¯¯°nf¾å¾n4 !Ŵ,f ¾€nff€°–ŶD7$$-€n¾#ŦŦŦ#9nf°9– #¯ –¯f:¯f€€ O ° €f 4 ,f°–°!f€€°€ff¾ff¾½f¾½°¾ cnff€°–°c½ , 9Ŷ½ 4 9n½°¾€°€ff¯f¯°f°€f ¯f° 4 ½°nf¾°°€f€°!f½€¯f°nf¾fnf¾°¾nff€°– O !ff°9°f 4 In¾f°€f 4 !ff°€€¾€¯°€f°f°!f¯¾½n!°€f f°½°f€
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