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University of Alberta
Physical Education and Sport
Judy Davidson

March 18 – Approaches to Ethics Morality: involves normative questions about the rights and welfare of persons or sentient beings, normative questions about the character of people Normative questions are questions of value, who is privileged and who is not Descriptive questions are ones of fact Conventional Morality • Is to be directed by traditional or customary rules or practices • Don't question those rules, traditions, and/or practices Reflective Morality • Is to actively reflect on and think about normative principles that guide behaviours • This involves movement beyond conditioned or knee jerk or prima facie reactions and assumptions • It goes beyond merely self-interested behaviour What I ought to do? • Kantian ethics • Utilitarian ethics • Contextualized ethics Kantian Ethics • Deontic or deontological ethics • Non-consequentialism • Ethics of obligation Deontology • Deontic or deontological ethics (derived from the greek deon – duty, that which is binding • Any position in ethics which claims that the rightness or wrongness of actions depends on whether they correspond to duty or not • Denies that the moral value of actions or practices is a function of the consequences (outcomes) of those actions • An example of deontology is the “good foul”. We would say you don't do the strategic foul, you play by the spirit of the game, not by the strategic frame. • It is the duty of all athletes to play the game Teleology • Derive
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