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March 11 - rationality prisoners dilemma (Autosaved).doc
March 11 - rationality prisoners dilemma (Autosaved).doc

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University of Alberta
Physical Education and Sport
Judy Davidson

March 8 – Rationality Prisoners Dilemma • To be rational is to be reasonable • One way to assess rationality is assess correspondence of means to ends of goals. If one is being ethically rational, my means must be rational and my goals must be rational. • An example is if you are in the position that it is unethical to harm others but you hurt others in football and that is you end goal, is our goal irrational? Non- Performance of Prescriptive Rules Proscriptive rule – something you aren’t allowed to do. Things you are proscribed (not allowed) to do. If asked to define a proscriptive rule, don't say its a rule that is proscribed! Prescriptive rule are things you have to do for the game to flow. descriptive rules say you need to sit in a chair facing the speaker. A prescriptive rule is that you are quiet Is there an ethical justification for the non-performance of prescriptive rules in a course? Yes, when we are encouraged to talk against the teacher The world is structured by rules, known as discourse We cant justify non-performance of prescriptive rules because if they weren’t followed, the game would fall apart If female boxers were required to wear skirts, that would be a descriptive rule because it is talking about the uniform, not about the actual actions being performed The constituent of rules are proscriptive, descriptive rules, and prescriptive rules Rational • Rational
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