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Physical Education and Sport
Judy Davidson

Jan 28 – Contending With Ethical Disagreements Callahan Quiz Which one of the following 4 statements best reflects some of Callahans argument strategies based on the example below? That which is unnatural is immoral Taking steroid performance enhancers is unnatural Therefore, using steroid performance enhancers is immoral Callahan Quiz Possible Responses 1.) The issue of performance enhancer use in sport is much more complex (this is probably true), involving many more variables, to be able to effectively make this kind of consequentialist claim We need to know what a consequentialist claim. According to the article, this means that decisions are made based on the outcome. This response is wrong 2.) The derivative moral judgement is logically derived however it is tied up with issues of prudence that occlude the morality of the judgement So unnatural = immoral Therefore, steroid are unnatural so they are immoral However it isn’t the prudential claim that occlude the morality of the judgment 3.) This is an example of a general moral principle, and the resulting factual claim, is clear, consistent and logical In the article Callahan says how natural and unnatural are deeply flawed concepts, so this one is no good. 4.) The general moral principle and factual claim are mired in definitional opaqueness, making an ethical deliberation difficult You should know the argument being made in the article! Paper Proposal Make it 2 pages, 12 font times new roman What you write your paper on must be different than what you are doing the leadership seminar on Why is it ethically significant? What ought to happen, why is what you are talking about affecting welfare of people, animal, environment in ways that we should pay attention and be obligated to help What values are involved in your argument? Clarify moral values and principles involved Outline at least 3 main arguments you will make, creating a broad paper outline. Anticipate criticisms. You can’t be on the fence You have to acknowledge the opposing
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